Title: Harry Enfield does Christmas Jumper Day

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Harry Enfield does Christmas Jumper Day

It’s time to pull on that festive knitwear. Save The Children asked us, for the second year running, to help encourage people to take part in their ‘Christmas Jumper Day’ to raise money for the charity. It’s a time of year when everyone is vying for share of pocket so we needed to stand out from the formulaic tugging at heartstrings campaigns from other charities.

Following the award winning ‘The Killing’ pastiche with jumper loving Sarah Lund, we revisited parody territory with a merry send up of Southern Comfort’s ‘Whatever’s Comfortable’ ad, featuring Harry Enfield.

Fundraising targets were smashed for the second year in a row. The charity has amassed over £3.5m in donations from 2014’s event and this figure continues to grow.

We also created the film, ‘What Has Aid Ever Done For Anyone?’ for the charity, which supported foreign aid and showed what a huge difference this has made to people’s lives across the world. The film caused such a stir, it was even shared by Bill Gates.

  • 1.9m

    Over 1.9m people took part in Christmas Jumper Day